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Access the 5 core elements of a winning CX program

Uncover hidden opportunities and improve your business outcomes.

If you are looking to differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd, we can help design and implement a tailored customer experience program that suits the needs of your customers. In today's world of uncertainty, volatility and disruption, you need to move beyond features, function and price to provide an experience the competition will find hard to match.

CX Programs


CX programs, a systematic approach to discover and improve areas where customers interact with your business. Create overall satisfaction, perceived value and engagement. These key elements give confidence to move ahead with clarity, focus and direction. A CX program is more than a tool used to gather data and feedback. It’s a sound business strategy.

Training & Engagement


If the people who work at your company are not appreciated, they are not going to do things with a smile. Happy employees equal happy customers. In contrast, an unhappy employee can ruin the experience for not just one, but numerous customers. Give them the tools to do a good job, treat them well and they're going to be emotionally invested.



Achieve long-term improvement and measurable, outcomes. strengthen leadership, transform processes, and drive cultural improvements. We work intensively with clients across a range of industries and topics to improve performance and produce results: rapid, significant and measurable improvements in productivity, cost reduction, sales, and other metrics.

Put yourself back in the driver's seat

We help organisations to have a conversation with their customers. Measure their experiences across all touchpoints, prioritise and predict key experience drivers, and deliver measurable improvements. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat and provide the most powerful platform to make a difference in your business, with real customer feedback.

Access the 5 core elements of a winning CX program

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Training & Engagement

The SGS employee engagement courses are specifically designed  with the small to medium sized businesses in mind. Turn your learning goals and strategies into engaging learning experiences. We love helping people discover new opportunities.

Customer Experience Programs

Our three step CX program helps you focus on what matters, the customer. Gain buy-in and commitment from your employees and link the outcomes to business objectives, KPIs and targets. You don't have to go it alone.


We help small to medium sized business focus on the keys to unlocking sustainable, long term profit revenue and growth. Finding answers to the critical challenges affecting the customer decision making behaviour. Learn how you can influence the outcome.

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