Episode #014 with guests Heath Shirtcliffe and Andrew Cronin

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A bit about this week's guest

Cavalier Brewing was first conceived by home brewers Steve Martin, Heath Shirtcliffe and Andrew Cronin while walking their dog in Brunswick.

One of Australia's tiniest microbreweries launching with a 100 litre brewery set up, in the shed at the rear of Heath's home. Showcasing with three beers at Fed Square Microbreweries in early 2011

They took their ingredients and recipes to different breweries around Victoria so they could brew bigger batches while they designed and purchased their own larger brewery.

Late in 2012 - in an industrial unit in Sunshine, the all-important stainless steel Vats arrived from China. After hand bottling, labelling, and capping, Proud Mary (a black coffee beer) was released for Good Beer Week 2013

Cavalier Courage, a fundraising project for Motor Neuron Disease, soon followed. Now five years on and sold in numerous hotels and liquor stores throughout Australia,

The boys are taking their beer and brewing skills to the world, having recently launched Cavalier in India.

Heath Shirtcliffe and Andrew Cronin, owners of Cavalier Beer and Brewing

Imagine if you will

You have been invited to join Elon Musk on his first expedition to Mars.

It takes a long time to get there and you may never return  

Stuck on Mars forever

You have space on your hard drive for one book one album and one movie,

what will you be taking with you and why?

What will you be taking to Mars ?




Favourite Software

something making
your life easier

Ekos Brewmaster

Three KEY takeaways from today's show

  • Keep the communication open and flowing to all departments.
  • Make sure that your product is the best it can possibly be.
  • Organisation of information, customer, sales data and analysis. 

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