Why Net Promoter Score


Course Summary: 

This course covers metrics that are now widely used to measure customer feedback. The focus in this course will be on the insights garnered from feedback to improve the long-term health of the organisation. Unlike revenue or growth, which are quantitative business metrics, brand loyalty is a qualitative metric. Luckily, there is a framework that can help you assess long-term customer satisfaction and predict brand loyalty using one simple question.


Learning outcomes: 

  • Identify key philosophical reasons for the one question theory
  • Able to understand the infrastructure and mechanisms to capture CX data 
  • Become knowledgeable of the Net Promoter score and methodology
  • Build knowledge of CX data mining and analysis
  • Apply measurement principles and research methods

Sample Topics: 

  • NPS and Metrics
  • Are the Right Things Being Measured?
  • Customer Effort Score and other strategies
  • Word-of-mouth  Impact –social media influences
  • Dimensions of Customer Experience Measurement
  • philosophy and background on the NPS method


No pre-requisites necessary. This course covers a CX Core Competency. 

Course Calendar: 

Following purchase, you will be registered to CXU’s Learning Management System, and you will have access to the course for 8 weeks.

Learning Context: 

This lesson is designed to give the student a broad overview of the topic and is not a complete or in depth lesson on all associated factors that influence business growth. Some understanding of the concept would enhance the learning outcome However, this is not a prerequisite.


Case studies, Demonstrations, Knowledge tests, multiple choice quizzes, short answer questions, workbook activities.

About the course:

Industry: This course is recommended for a range of industries as all business has to grow and prosper to maintain a degree of relevance in their given market and field.  Therefore, the business growth course is a perfect precursor to most business related environments.

Who should take the course? Anyone looking to further their career in a business oriented environment. This course however, was designed to provide an introductory knowledge for those students looking to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience management program.

Courses: A business Growth basic has the potential to affect multiple careers working in the business sector. Our customer experience management program is designed for any career that works with or is customer interaction, in person, over the phone or by text/email

Learning Material: The Course provides all the necessary material to complete the stated learning purpose, including the course download, additional reading references and course workbook.

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