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In today’s world of disruption, uncertainty and volatility, it’s important to have a strategy that your business can rely on. You need a solid point of difference that will keep you relevant both today and into the future. A strategy that moves your business beyond the product and price differentiator, a strategy the competition will find hard to replicate

Improve Revenue

Understanding the customers needs allows for a tailored offer, leading to additional sales. Opportunities to add on and cross sell plus retain higher margins.

Reduce Costs

The removal of bottlenecks, frustration, and customer complaints, helps bring down the

cost to serve. Whilst loyal customers and

brand advocates promote your business.

Strengthen Processes

The steady flow of customer feedback helps improve business process and employee engagement. Allowing for smarter use of resources and efficient outcomes.

 Customer Experience Management

The customer experience research demonstrates that brand loyalty and consumer purchasing habits are driven by the experiences a consumer receives from engaging with an organisation. Therefore, the focus of Sales Growth Solutions remains firmly on the the customer and the critical metrics that drive CX (customer experiences ) leading to improved revenue, lower costs and strengthened processes.


Create a successful customer experience program that will allow you to capture and understand your customers thoughts needs and emotions. Gain understanding of your customers and tailor your offer to deliver a memorable outcome every time.


Get your employees involved in the process. Engaged employees lead to engaged customers. Identify the opportunities  to improve the customer journey and through customer feedback uncover the pain points that lead to frustration and churn.


Improving the customer experience and gaining employee engagement, your business will naturally evolve.  Allocating resources to where they will have the greatest impact and  allowing for effective investment and growth.

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Join us now and get the FREE introductory course .

How we can help

CXM Program



  1. Initial scoping study to establish your baseline position
  2. Net Promoter Score, set up and training for key employees
  3. Support for questions and analysis over the contract period
  4. Full Analysis of the customer feedback via weekly reports
  5. Dashboard graphics of your key statistics in easy to read charts 

  1. Sales Process Analysis based around your     current style
  2. Marketing concepts including both inbound and outbound 
  3. Conversion Techniques, what to measure and how it helps
  4. Establish the key metrics to monitor for better outcomes
  5. Process Improvement that will reduce costs and improve efficiency

  1. Who is your customer, a full persona analysis
  2. Discover the touchpoints from a customers view 
  3. Customer Journey mapping why its a better way
  4. Understanding the moments that matter most
  5. Employee Engagement that leads to engaged customers

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